The vision of JunTran Technologies is to ignite and challenge the hidden engineer inside each engineer, And JunTran Technologies does it first with its employees. Each one of us is challenged to our limits to produce the world beating solutions.

Only those engineers should apply to work with JunTran Technologies who believes in themselves, who has yes I can do it attitude, who hates to do copy paste, who wants to challenge themselves to higher limits every day.


Our Engagement Model


Juntran Technologies proposes a comprehensive and coherent offer combining on-site consultancy, technical expertise, fixed price project and ODC/DDC (Outsourcing Design Centre/Dedicated Design Centre). ON-SITE Consultancy/Techical Expertise Immediately operational, trained and supervised, Juntran Technologies engineers join the customer development teams and get involved with their expertise.

The projects can be short or long, realized by a small or an expanded team, Juntran Technologies business managers will select the engineers combining the best technical and human skills that will suit to customer needs. In a on-site consultancy mode, Juntran Technologies usually proposes development engineers, specialists, experts and project managers Fixed Price Project.




Create Innovation Solution

We make technology that brings change. We are a team of innovators shaping the future of IoT & semiconductor.

Shared Success

We firmly believe that our success is a team effort and that relies on every individual’s contribution. Every employee gets their due acknowledgement and reward.



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